How to Extend a Shower Head Arm

The arm of your shower head is the piece of plumbing that extends from the wall and suspends the actual shower head. Most of the time, the existing shower arm will accommodate a change in shower heads without any alterations. However, if you are particularly tall, or would like to install a rain shower head, extending the shower head arm may become a necessity.

Extending an Existing Shower Arm

If your original shower arm is in good condition, and you are not installing a specialty shower head, buying an extension for your existing shower arm is a simple and inexpensive solution.

Step 1: Remove the existing shower head by turning the head counterclockwise. If possible, use your own hands for this step, using one hand to steady the shower arm. If it is too tightly attached to the shower arm, wrap a rag around the head, then use an adjustable wrench to remove the shower head.

Step 2: Clean the threads of the shower arm with a toothbrush and white vinegar to remove any residual water marks.

Step 3: Screw on the shower arm extension with your hands in a clockwise direction.

Step 4: Turn on the water and check for leaks. If you see a leak, try twisting the shower arm more firmly into place. If necessary, you can use a piece of plumber’s tape on the threads.

Replacing the Existing Shower Arm

If you intend to install a rain shower head, or other type of specialty head, you may find that replacing the entire arm with a new shower arm is the best option.

Step 1: Unscrew the shower arm by twisting in a counterclockwise direction. To loosen the connection between the shower arm and the plumbing, you may need to use an adjustable plumbing wrench for the first few turns.

Step 2: Clean the threads of the pipe that is attached to the wall with an old toothbrush and white vinegar. Remove any existing plumber’s tape. Rinse and allow the threads of the pipe to dry completely before continuing.

Step 3: Apply plumber’s tape to the threads. Screw the new shower arm into place. Click here to find a Plumber in Chino Hills, CA

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The Answer to Getting Your Dog to Stop Barking!

We have a lot of dogs, and it seems that whenever one dog barks, they all start barking. In fact, they bark when they hear a noise, they bark when we come into our own home, and sometimes if they feel like being naughty, they’ll even bark at us.

The barking became non-stop, and especially would suck early in the morning if God forbid the neighbor went outside to start his car to go to work.

We figured we were at a loss, and that nothing would stop it. No matter how much we yelled at them to be quiet. However my brothers girlfriend recently told s about some black box that she actually considered magic. She stated this black box would shut her dogs up immediately. That this magical black box was so effective that just showing it to them would shut them up, without even having to press the button.

I didn’t believe it for a second, but seeing that she swore by it, I went on my quest to finding this black magical box that would shut the dogs up.

We hit up our local PetCo seeing that if anyone carried such a magical device I would be them.

We came across the PetSafe Ultrasonic Pet Trainer for $59.99. Very pricey, but if it didn’t work we were promised a full money back guarantee.

Barking dogs are noisy to the ears.

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The PetSafe Ultrasonic Pet Trainer was not necessarily a box. It was slimmer and sleeker than the one she had described to us, and it also came with not only a negative tone, but also a positive one. So basically whenever the dogs went haywire we could press the N button at the top, or the P button below that for positive reinforcement.

The PetSafe Ultrasonic Pet Trainer did not come with batteries though, so we had to go back out fr a square battery before using it.

Once we had the battery installed we headed home and tested the remote out.

Immediately as we entered the door, the dogs began their usual ritual of ‘who can bark the loudest, and the longest’. However the moment I hit the N button, they all backed off and shut up.

I stood there amazed and in shock. Had this $60 device truly, finally brought peace to the world? Oh my God had it ever!

Ever since getting the PetSafe Ultrasonic Pet Trainer, we have found that the dogs rarely bark whenever someone comes into the house now. They don’t have random barking contests anymore, and finally the house is actually quiet!

What is also phenomenal is that when they do bark, we don;t even have to press the button anymore, we simply have to show it to them, and I never thought that something as simple as a small black remote could bring such peace and quiet.

Now as far as the negative tone goes, when you press it, you should not press it for longer than 2 seconds. Also when you press it you will hear a nothing but a small clicking noise.

When the P button is hit, the dogs don’t seem to mind, and our Bull Terrier actually wags his tail and comes near whenever he hears it. The P tone is a bit louder to the human ear, with a small humming ring noise to it. Again, don’t press it for longer than 2 seconds.

But definitely press down on it quickly for whenever your dog does something good.

In the past 2 weeks we have owned it, the PetSafe Ultrasonic Pet Trainer has been nothing but a blessing in our home. The dogs listen more now, they do not have bouts of barking spells, nor are they aggressive whenever someone comes home.

I cannot stress it enough, if you are having an issue with a barking dog, a dog that jumps on people, than the PetSafe Ultrasonic Pet Trainer is the answer to all of your dogs behavior problems.

I highly, highly recommend this one. It has not failed us yet.

If you feel an immediate need for one you can find it at PetCo, however if you look for it online by googling the name PetSafe Ultrasonic Pet Trainer, you can scoop it up for under $30.00.

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About Trade Show Display

The trade show display can be described as the graphic display tool that has specially been designed to be used at trade fairs. It includes various forms such as banner stands, table top display, flat panels, pop up display or other paraphernalia that gets used for filling the temporary booth at any convention or fair. The display varies in complexity, cost as well as size, yet all forms are mainly designed for visually representation of the specific interest of business. The trade show displays have catchy phrases and bold images, as an attempt to get more visitors from the exhibit that helps the salesperson to convince their targeted customer through their sales pitch.

Portrait of beautiful female person with blank visiting card in hand. High angle view

The trade show counter very often consist of images designed only for wall surface that can be Velcro compatible fabric or graphic image that has various types of graphic pictures. These substrates consist semi or rigid substrates similar to various types of plastic or acrylic. The trade show display also has structures that attached to ciling of the booth or counter. Mainly the exhibitors at the trade show gets the counter of 3m X 3m space with aisle facing with around 8 feet tall back wall consist of 4 panels of fabric threaded into a telescopic pole of aluminum that is connected with each other.

cfhss-booth-banner_0It provides exhibitors with the predefined space in that to present her or his business, company or institution, to the visitors attending the event of the trade show. In this particular space, exhibitors placed to a huge variety of the trade show or event displays, designed spacifically for their specific requirement, for the purpose of offering their service. Companies very often rent the exhibit area from the trade show organizers and then the designed displays in the trade show to get more number of attention from the visitors or the targeted customers preset at the trade show.

banner-standsVarious types of the Trade show displays are:

    • Table top display
    • Table covers
    • Pipe and drape
    • Pop up display
    • Banner stands
    • Modular exhibits
    • Panel and trade system
    • Custom exhibits
    • Trade show booths
    • Truss Display
    • Bespoke display stand

There are huge industry developed around the sale and design of the trade show displays. Number of companies are selling trade show displays has their showroom or organization in most of the major cities and one can also find numbers of companies that are also available online.

Basically the trade show display gets specialization in any one particular type of trade show. However, the companies that are available online has specialization in portable, modular as well as hybrid trade show displays.

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10 Top Tips for a Successful Trade Show Booth

How can you have a successful trade show booth? When you need to have a successful trade show booth, you must know what to use when making your decision especially when looking for these services. When you do understand the procedure, you will have facts that will help you when looking for these services. Here is a guide on how to have a successful trade show booth:

  1. Have your list right when hosting a successful trade show booth

Exhibitor-Show-2012-rendering-jan-25You must have a right list when you need to have a successful trade show booth. How can you have the list? You need to make sure that you do your research well on the list before you can be able to get right when hosting such as show. Those who have tried it have always been able to make a perfect choice whenever you need for the successful trade show booth. Ultimately, you will always be sure that you would get a good and successful trade show booth.

  1. Know how much it will cost

The cost of having successful trade show booth kit must be a priority for you when you need to make your choice. You should be able to estimate the amount of money that you would spend before making a choice especially when you need to get the exact amount of money that you would need. Through the process, you will always have facts that you would need when making your choice. You will definitely have your successful trade show booth easily when you estimate your cost appropriately.

  1. The location of your trade show booth

catalog_fb_image_Orbus products groupedYou must know the location of your trade show booth when you need to run it successfully. When you do have the facts that you would need, you will always be sure that you would have the ideas that will make your trade show booth successful. Personal research on the location of the trade show booth will definitely help you make your choice when you need a good trade show.

  1. The month of the year

You must know the month of year when you must launch your successful trade show booth if you were to get it right. Since the months often vary, you must have information on best ways to get more returns when making your choice easily. Through this process, you will always make sure you have the ideas that will best fits your needs even as you get a good deal in the market. Depending on the month that you choose, you will make huge sales as well as returns from your successful trade show.

  1. Seek help from experts

2020-DOE-80210 V1Many experts today understand about how to have a successful trade show booth for more customers. With their experience, they will always get facts that will assist you get a successful trade show booth that you would need when making your choice of your trade show.

In conclusion, the above are some of the tips that you need to know when choosing top tips for a successful trade show booth in the market.

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